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Residents of Southwest Ranches love their independence and rural lifestyle. They have worked hard since the 1990s to build the town, and they take pride in all the hard work they have done in every aspect of that from naming it to creating a town charter and more. Not many cities or towns in South Florida can make the same claim Southwest Ranches can to such broad participation from its residents from it's very beginning. The commitment to the Southwest Ranches lifestyle is apparent in every part of the town where residents pride themselves on their farms, their horses and their bucolic way of life.

Unfortunately, even those things cannot shield Southwest Ranches folks from personal injury. Injury lawyers are a godsend when negligence is a factor in an accident or injury. From motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles to horse accidents, dog bites and slip and fall accidents, the injuries sustained can be devastating. With all the new construction in Southwest Ranches, accidents might also be work-related and might include construction accidents. At worst, the accident is fatal.

In any of these situations, seasoned personal injury lawyer Harry Rosen may be able to help. Insurance companies may be reluctant to pay a sufficient amount to compensate for a person's medical expenses and missed time from work. If an accident is fatal, the person may leave dependents behind. An injured person may want to file a personal injury lawsuit or a bereaved family might file a wrongful death suit.

In some cases, there may be an out-of-court settlement. Mr. Rosen might negotiate these or take a case to court if necessary. In a civil case, it is not necessary to establish the same standard of proof that is required in a criminal case. It is only necessary to present a preponderance of evidence to support a claim.

As an experienced lawyer, Harry Rosen brings decades of experience and a deep familiarity with the local area to his cases. In fact, Mr. Rosen is the former Mayor of nearby Weston! His proven record at getting compensation for his injured clients and for the families of those who have lost loved ones speaks for itself. Contact injury accident attorney Harry Rosen at (954) 895-7925 in Weston for a free consultation about your personal injury matter.

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