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Take the stress out of your legal proceedings. The Harry Rosen Law Firm has attorneys with exceptional knowledge and expertise to assist you with your Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases. There are no fees or costs unless we make a monetary recovery for you. Our firm provides the following personalized services:

  • Evaluation of your case.
  • Explanation of your rights in accordance with Florida law.
  • Helping you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment for your injuries.
  • The proper Investigation by our experts to establish liability, accident reconstruction, and evidence preservation.
  • Obtain all required medical records, police records, earnings reports to validate your right to compensation.
  • Negotiate, on your behalf, with all insurance companies and/or other parties representing the parties at-fault for your injury.
  • Obtain a settlement agreeable to you or file a suit, on your behalf, and proceed to trial if the case can not be settled.

Personal Injury

The term Personal Injury includes every kind of injury from all types of auto collisions, slip and falls, dog bites, and pedestrian accidents. Our firm will first attempt to negotiate a settlement for your case but, if we can not settle the claim we will file a lawsuit on your behalf. Our Law Firm has made millions of dollars in recoveries for personal injury claimants. We handle the most serious injury and death cases.

Do You Know What You Should Do After an Auto Accident or Injury?

  • Immediately determine if you are injured and how badly.
  • Call the police and if you are injured go to the hospital.
  • If you are able, take photos of the damage to your motor vehicle, the scene and get a copy of the accident report.
  • Inform your insurance agency immediately and only give basic information.
  • Call our office for an appointment at (954) 895-7925.
  • Keep a notebook with all paperwork and information about the accident and your injury your attorney.
  • Do NOT accept the insurance company's settlement offer.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury claims can result in a permanent injury or condition that changes a person's life forever. It can involve the loss of an organ or a limb. It can result in scars and the inability to carry out normal daily activities. Medical Malpractice can leave a person in a coma for long periods of time or for the rest of their life. It can result in brain damage that alters the ability to think and function.

Or it can Result in a Wrongful Death!

A Wrongful Death takes the life of a loved one away from those who loved them forever. Our firm understands that your family will have a difficult time dealing with the stress that pursuing legal action will bring and that you are not sure if you can endure those feelings. We at this firm understand what that loss means and we fight for you using all possible legal strategies to help every member of the family that experiences a Wrongful Death get the results they need to bring them closure.

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