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Municipal Liability

Municipal liability revolves around claims against a city, county or state government. There are many different categories of municipal liability cases, and they are becoming much more common as budgetary and other issues cause counties and cities to either not notice or ignore proper safety procedures. Virtually all of us have some kind of interaction (directly or indirectly) with government entities on a daily basis. Breakdowns due to negligence or other causes can result in injury. When this injury occurs to you or your loved one, you can seek compensation in a municipal liability case.

It's not just any attorney that can handle this kind of case since it requires a unique skill set. Harry Rosen has served as a part-time public official for more than 25 years including Mayor of Weston and Miramar. The Harry Rosen law firm understands municipal liability law in Florida and can use this knowledge to help you or your family if you have suffered an injury in a state, city or county related accident. While the state of Florida does place a cap on what you can receive ($200,000, with an additional $100,000 if you have dependents), this is no reason why you should not pursue the matter if you feel you are in the right.

There are many situations that can result in municipal liability, but one of the primary causes for these cases are vehicle accidents. In such cases, dangerous road damage, poorly positioned roadside barriers for badly marked road construction can all result in personal injury or even death. If any of the following occurs to you, contact a qualified attorney if you want to pursue a municipal liability case.

  • Dangerous or defective sidewalks
  • Poorly maintained parks
  • Improper or reckless operation of city vehicles
  • Railroad, subway or bus incidents
  • Poorly maintained public buildings

Road Work Ahead Sign

Damaged Sidewalk

You'll want to contact an experienced attorney like Harry Rosen immediately if an accident occurs, since waiting a long time can damage your case. Most importantly, do not sign any legal documents regarding your situation without consulting an attorney. If you would like a complimentary consultation about a potential municipal liability lawsuit, or advice regarding an existing situation you may find yourself in, feel free to contact Harry Rosen at Harry Rosen Law at 954-640-0259 in Weston, Florida serving Miami to Boca Raton.