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Medical Malpractice


Medical Malpractice is when an injury occurs as the result of a medical treatment that is negligent or not according to accepted standards of medical care in the practice of medicine. If it results in serious injury due to the doctor, hospital, or other medical professionals deviating from the acceptable standards of care you are entitled to considerable compensation for you pain and suffering as well as future and past loss of wages and medical bills. In cases of wanton and reckless conduct by the parties responsible you can recover punitive damages as well for the injury.  

Our firm has the experts with the knowledge and ability to research and establish of your injury and the person or persons responsible for the injury so that you will receive the damages you are entitled to for your pain and suffering.  We can show the jury if needed the evidence in a clear  and comprehensible way, what your injuries are and who caused them so you will receive a just verdict.  We have pursued cases that include most of the causes for medical malpractice listed below:

MISDIAGNOSIS- Misdiagnosis of conditions or diseases’ such as cancer, cardiac conditions, pediatric diseases or conditions, stomach or intestinal diseases or conditions, neurological diseases or condition and any other system of your body

DRUGS- Prescribing the wrong drug, giving the wrong instructions as to how to take the prescription and using experimental drugs without proper notice or information.  

SURGERY- Operating in the wrong location or organ, unacceptable or negligent cosmetic results, incompetent or impaired surgeon, incompetent surgical staff or hospital facility.

MEDICAL DEVICES- Use of medical devices that are experimental or have been proven to cause harm to the patient.

BIRTH INJURY- Due to hospital, surgeon, nurse, obstetrician or any other doctor or heal care worker involved in the birth or care of the child who fails to follow acceptable standards of medical practice.  

INFECTION- Due to unacceptable standards of care after surgery, in the doctor’s office or the hospital

NURSING HOME- Neglect of patients, mistreatment of patient, or poor training, improper hiring and managerial incompetence

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