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Construction accident law covers such areas of law as wrongful death and personal injury that have been caused by accidents that occurred on construction sites. Moreover, it covers regulations applicable to the construction industry and safety laws associated with it.

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Construction accidents can cause injuries that will heal with time and hospital care. However, this is not always the case. There are many cases where an individual's injury is permanent, or even deadly. All of these cases can be brought to court, and if you feel you have been injured or if your family has suffered a death through the negligence of an element of the construction industry in Florida, Harry Rosen is here to help you. Mr Rosen is a board certified civil trial lawyer who has been recognized for his excellent work. He has more than 30 years of professional, highly successful attorney experience. The Florida Bar Association has recognized him for extremely high standards. Moreover, he is devoted to community service and cares about his construction injury clients.

Mr. Rosen is intimately familiar with the construction industry in Florida and was witness to the rapid growth of Weston, Florida over the last 30 years ( He even served as Mayor of Weston ). The government agency responsible for maintaining construction site safety is called The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA ). However, construction accident law is not only regulated by this government agency, but also by additional state agencies responsible for overseeing safety regulations applicable to construction sites such as the Florida Construction Industry Licensing Board.

Mr. Rosen states "Although I have handled many construction site injuries, one of the first I handled was for an employee who sustained serious injuries when he could not stop the construction elevator from falling 17 stories. Suit was filed against the elevator manufacturer for designing and building a defective elevator as a result of two brakes systems failing to stop the elevator’s fall. I, along with my elevator expert, traveled to a storage yard in Chicago, Illinois where we inspected a 10 year old elevator. A short time after our inspection the defendant settled the claim for more than $ 300,000."


Not everyone is able to receive huge settlements for construction injuries. A number of construction workers can receive only ordinary workers’ compensation for their injuries. However, almost all construction workers can receive compensation from parties other than their employer, such as the manufacturer of equipment which caused the accident. Other parties that may be held liable in court for construction injuries are construction managers, construction site owner, and contractors, not to mention engineers who worked on the construction site.

By choosing Harry Rosen as your construction accident attorney you will be making a right choice. He will not only get you the settlement you deserve, he will also show interest and compassion for you and your family and will help guide you through the legal process towards the justice you deserve.

If you live near Weston, Florida and want the best possible result in your construction injury lawsuit, contact Harry Rosen for a complimentary consultation at (954) 895-7925.

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