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Brain Injury Law

Attorney Harry Rosen's personal injury law practice expertise includes traumatic brain injury,neurological disorders, and spinal cord injury. Mr. Rosen has extensive experience handling Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) lawsuits and provides complete legal services to the survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families in Weston, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale and throughout South Florida.

If you or your loved one has suffered a head injury or related injury, it is very important that a lawyer be contacted as quickly as possible since the circumstances of an accident or injury must be investigated promptly or valuable evidence may be forever lost. While the injured individual and family are naturally consumed with medical and other concerns, it is important that attention be directed to retaining an attorney with experience handling traumatic brain injury and head injury cases.

It is appropriate to consult an attorney in many situations where a traumatic brain injury has been sustained, not only in those cases where it is obvious that there will be a legal action, such as a motor vehicle accident. There are many circumstances in which the public may not beaware that they have legal rights, but a competent attorney can investigate the facts and determine whether or not the individual has rights to compensation. For example, brain injuries related to violence, falls, work, sports, or negligent medical treatment may all give rise to claims for compensation. Further, depending on the extent of injury, the individual may have a right to public or private benefits including social security disability benefits, Medicare, private health insurance or private disability insurance payments. That is why it is important that an attorney be consulted as soon as possible even in circumstances where it may not first appear that there is a claim or where the injury was solely an "accident".

I have handled many traumatic brain injury cases.

An example of one of my first cases which occurred more than 40 years ago involved a 10 year old boy who was run over by a truck sustaining traumatic brain damage resulting in a settlement for the fully policy limits of $ 1,100,000.

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