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The damages resulting from auto accidents aren’t just damages to your car. That is why you must take your time and explore all the results and damages of your accident before settling your case with the insurance company. Car accidents cause both physical and emotional damages and both can interrupt your life significantly. The number of accidents each year on I-95, A1A, Federal Highway and other South Florida roadways is staggering. In 2012 there were 21,348 car accident injuries in Broward County, Florida alone!. So when selecting a car accident lawyer to represent you in your case, select an attorney with a proven track record who specializes in these types of accident cases. Harry Rosen has won millions in damages for victims of South Florida auto accidents.

Florida has close to 250,000 vehicle crashes per year, according to the Florida Department of motor vehicles. Each year there are over 10 million car accidents in the U.S. according to the United States Census. The injury toll is over two million. The resulting death toll is over 120,000. From Weston to Boca Raton, our law firm is here to help victims of auto accidents attain the personal injury settlement they deserve.

Your insurance company and the auto insurance company of the person or persons involved in your accident don’t want to pay more than they have to. Insurance companies are in the business to making money for their stock holders and they want to pay you the least amount they can to settle your claim. They want to pay you fast and keep your medical bills, your loss of earnings, property damage and emotional distress costs as small as possible by paying you as fast as possible.

Our personal injury law firm specializes in car accidents and other vehicle personal injury accidents on South Florida roadways and has experts who will make sure you get the settlement you should so you have the funds to pay for not only what you need now but also the funds you will need to pay your future medical costs.

Even though many auto accidents seem to be minor they can result in major injuries and even death. Many accident victims do not realize the total extent of their injuries for quite some time. That is why our law firm has specialized experts to evaluate your injuries and the value of your case. That is why you need our experienced car accident lawyers to fight for what your claim is really worth. We get to know you and how the results of your accident have changed your life. Our personal injury lawyers take into account all your future financial need, costs of medical treatments and help you may need to live life as comfortably as possible after your accident. Contact our car accident law practice at (954) 895-7925 in Weston and serving all South Florida for over 30 years.